If You've Ever Thought Of Giving up, Remember Ronaldinho's Incredible Life Journey

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Ronaldinho is a Brazilian footballer considered to be one of the best players of his generation. A player regarded for his technique, tricks, overhead kicks, and dribbling, he was a member of Brazil's 2002 World Cup winning team. Playing in his very first World Cup, in 2002, he scored the game-winning score in a quarter-final victory over England.

 Ronaldinho was born as Ronaldo de Assis Moreira on March 21, 1980, in Porto Alegre, Brazil. His father, Joao Moreira was an iron bender in a shipyard and an ex footballer. His mother, Miguilina de Assis, was a cosmetics saleswoman but later became a full time nurse.

When Ronaldinho’s brother Roberto signed his first contract at Gremio, bought a new house so the family moved from a poor neighborhood to the new house. There was a swimming pool in that house in which their father tragically drowned. It was reported that their father had suffered a heart attack.

Ronaldinho has always idolized his father even after his death. His father was one of the most important people for him and his career; unfortunately, he died when Ronaldinho was only 8 years old.

His father’s death was a sad event that happened in January of 1989. It was a dark month when Ronaldinho lost his first coach.

After his father's death, his brother Roberto was Ronaldinho's manager, while his sister Deisi works as his press coordinator.

Roberto saw the future in his little brother and created daily training sessions for him. He started taking Ronaldinho to the field after his training session ended every day.

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  • If You've Ever Thought Of Giving up, Remember Ronaldinho's Incredible Life Journey

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