Gyakie Is Leading The Lights of Ghana Music in 2021 (Watch video)
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Gyakie Is Leading The Lights of Ghana Music in 2021. everyone loves to say Ghanaians are the cousins of Nigerians or something about being siblings? Well for some time now, we have become very jealous siblings. Happy, but looking on in envy as Naija artistes pull the “Naija to the World” agenda effortlessly.

Not to discredit what any Ghanaian artiste is doing sporadically. Between last year and this year, The ‘Ghana music to the world’ agenda has been fronted by our very own talented female artiste Gyakie aside from the very boisterous Kumericans.

Personally, I find it very satisfying that she is steadily moving up in her respective spaces. There’s a lesson here about being consistent with what you do and the sky being big enough for everyone. But, we’d talk about that later.

Gyakie has been what I describe as ‘’Ghana’s sweetheart’’ ever since she made her debut in the industry. Her unique voice gained people’s attention effortlessly and each time, she released a song, the reception was nothing but positive. Gyakie had something special, and she kept her consistency up, gradually growing her fan base to becoming what it is now.

Last year she dropped her debut EP, ‘’SEED’’, a 5- track project that presents Gyakie as a versatile artiste. It’s almost like her introductory essay. Everything, from revealing her dad to be the legendary Nana Acheampong through her cover art, to playing around with different styles on her EP just because she can. ‘’SEED’’ is a statement of what she’s capable of doing.

Like most projects, one song stood out on the SEED EP, thus becoming a stepping stone to a myriad of successful milestones: ‘Forever’, is a simple afrobeat number that had Gyakie singing about the yearning for the love of her life.

The song first went viral on Triller months after the release of the EP and before we knew it, Gyakie had “blown” in Nigeria, as the song was making a “second debut” in Ghana. On Apple Music, she became one of the few Ghanaian artistes to break into the Naija Apple Music Playlist’s Top 5.

‘Forever’ was trending simultaneously in the Ghana and Nigeria Apple Music playlists. It also climbed the Billboard’s Top Triller chart placing 11th. The song was popping up on charts everywhere including the Top 200 Most Shazamed Songs in the world, and to date, the new love anthem has amassed well over 10 million streams across all digital streaming platforms (DSPs).

The Gyakie train seems unstoppable now and her very able label, Flip The Music, founded by Emmanuel “Mirror” Sedo seems to be making all the right moves. The success of the song opened new doors for the young singer including a deal with Sony Music, West Africa a couple of months ago.

The success of the single and the influence of Sony music led to the young singer following her analytics went to Nigeria to promote the song and returned with a remix to ‘Forever’ featuring Nigeria’s Omah Lay. A brilliant move considering the fact that Nigeria played a substantial role in the blowing up of her song. She went on a radio tour, and pictures prove she’s met a lot of influential names in Nigeria that should amount to something in the near future, hopefully.

The ‘Forever’ remix is already topping charts not only in Ghana and Nigeria. It is making good numbers two-weeks after its release. She announced that her label had signed an agreement with RCA UK, a flagship recording label under Sony Music Entertainment days after the release of the ‘Forever’ remix. The future is promising for Gyakie, and the only way is up from here if she and her team play their cards right. Gyakie Is Leading The Lights of Ghana Music in 2021.

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  • Gyakie Is Leading The Lights of Ghana Music in 2021 (Watch video)

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