A New Look Of Kidi With New Hairstyle Causes Confusion On Social Media (See Proof)
Friday, May 7, 2021 | views Last Updated 2021-06-23T11:41:37Z

Now the entertainment industry is really interesting, every artist has him or her unique bland, some of them are well known by their music as a bland, other are known by their names. In some cases some of the artist are also known by their dressing or hairstyle.

Some of them change their Blanding as time goes on, they change their hairstyles, their way of dressing and other lifestyles. Recently most of the artists especially the upcoming are well known by their hair styles and the type genre they do, not only upcoming artists but also some popular artist too.


Kuami Eugene changed his hairstyle last year during the lockdown period, which created massive reaction on social media. A picture of a Ghanaian highlife, afrobeat and vocalist artist popularly known as Kidi circulating on social media with a different hairstyle. He has now dyed his hairs with different colors, in the picture he wrote on his shirt "spiritual".

Many Ghanaians on social media have reacted to this picture with different forms of questions, some were asking the meaning of the word spiritual on his shirt, others were also saying he is changing his bland. What is your opinion on this picture, follow me for more articles.

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  • A New Look Of Kidi With New Hairstyle Causes Confusion On Social Media (See Proof)

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