Which one is more developed, Indonesia or Ghana?
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Ghana is more advanced than Indonesia. It is true but in English proviciency only. English is a lingua franca in Ghana so almost every Ghanaian speaks English well. And for Indonesian people, their English is not the best in the world.

But other than English proviciency, Indonesia is much more advanced than Ghana.

GDP of Ghana is US$ 65.55 billion and Indonesia is $1,000.04 billion. Not only does it make economy more powerfull but it also give strength to diplomacy and defence sectors of Indonesia.

GDP per capita of Ghana is $2.202, Indonesia is $3.893. It's mean that average Indonesian is almost two times richer than average Ghanaian.

For example, in Ghana, the car ownership is 32 cars per 1.000 population. In Inonesia, the number is 87 cars per 1.000 population.

Every year, less than 10 thousands cars is sold in Ghana, and about 1 millions cars in the whole Africa. Indonesia has the size of the whole Africa market, around 1 million cars a year.

In Indonesia, a mobile vegetable shop has been a common sight for about two decades. It means that a car is quite affordable even for a simple vegetable seller. Look at one of his customers, who wore a sleeping gown.

Several years ago, there was an accute traffic jam at a highway in Indonesia at a annual Eid holiday. Where do yo think this traffic jam took place?

At a highway in Jakarta? Or Jakarta outskirt?

No, it was happen in a highway around Brebes, some 275 kms from Jakarta.

Traffic jam is not something to brag about, but I am trying to tell you about the car market situation in Indonesia.

Muslims go to Mecca to perform hajj pilgrims every year and Indonesian muslims are not an exception. But there is a small problem. Arab Saudi goverment limits the number of hajj pilgrims because of the sacred mosque capacity and allowed only about 200 thousands Indonesian pilgrims each year.

It's not cheap to perform a Hajj pilgrimage, cost around $2.500. Still Indonesian has to wait 40 years if you are registering today. Yes, you read right. 40 years.

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  • Which one is more developed, Indonesia or Ghana?

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